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Emotion Code Energy Healing Therapy

Discover your joy!

Visualize all those moments of grief and emotional trauma that still linger in the background of your mind, your body, and everywhere in your life...

Emotion Code Energy Healing Therapy gets to the root of all that — it maps where those Trapped Emotions are stored and releases them from your physical body.


Lynn Yee

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Verified by Discover Healing

“I invite you to experience Emotion Code Energy Healing with me. Book a virtual session from anywhere in the world.”

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What happens during an Emotion Code Session?

The Emotion Code® technique is completely painless and non-invasive.

An Emotion Code Therapy Session involves muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to gain access to the subconscious knowledge of the physical body. Throughout the session, you will be asked a series of simple yes or no questions while gauging your body's response. Using this process, we map the physical locations of Trapped Emotions affecting your physical and emotional well-being. Once identified, we'll work to release your Trapped Emotions one at a time using magnetic energy healing techniques and holistic healing principles.

This is Energy Healing (backed by science) — that really works!

Consider Emotion Code Energy Healing if...
You are suffering from Physical Discomfort • You feel stuck and can't pinpoint the reason • You have trouble sleeping • Your Energy is low • You are Strongly Triggered • You keep hearing that your emotional baggage is a bit too much

The Emotion Code Has Helped Thousands Of People Restore Health And Wellness


Dr. Bradley Nelson

Founder Discover Healing

“I think your subconscious knows exactly what's causing your sickness, pain, and anguish, and knows exactly what you need to restore health and joy. That's what muscle testing is all about - it's designed as a means to ask your subconscious mind a question and determine the answer. "


Tony Robbins

Author, Life Coach

"The beauty of the Emotion Code process is that when trapped emotions are uncovered, you don't have to relive anything. You don't have to talk about it or experience it. We both feel such gratitude to have this healing method brought to light."


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Epigenetics & Developmental Biology

“Energy is 💯 times more efficient in sending an informational signal than our chemical signal. So given the choice of you want to do a chemical reaction or an energy healing, you get a 💯 times more efficiency from the energy healing…harmony[balance] is health.”

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Client Experiences

Image by Charlie Firth

Pauline A.


"Wow, I am literally in awe with how accurate you are.  I have not felt this good in a long time"

Image by Ilyuza Mingazova

Mariko T.

New York

"Your approach is calming, and your techniques are healing.  I would recommend you to anyone who needs wellness in their life"

Attractive Mature Woman

Lily B.


"Lynn, thank you for your work on my daughter!  It is pure joy to see her laugh and play.  You are amazing at what you do."

Lynn Yee


“Over the course of 14 years, 3 biopsies, medications, steroids, investigative surgeries, top specialists, and no answers — I started looking for another way. Emotion Code Therapy is what worked.”


Words of Encouragement

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